How it started

We were captivated by the breathtaking Aurora Borealis like swirling rivers which was the most fascinating phenomenon they ever experienced in our lives.

Being the world’s most sustainable countries, the Scandinavian region has taught us that the Earth is beautiful, fragile and needs to be protected. The “ÖKO” in ÖKOSIX® means “ECO” in Scandinavian.

Having technical and professional backgrounds, we believe that technology is key to change the world and bring a better life and environment.

In Feb 2020, there was a serious shortage of face masks in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, one of our founding team decided to start a company to manufacture masks in Hong Kong.

As the pandemic persisted, the production of masks kept increasing and the factory was expanded. However, this actually raised an alarm - the disposal problem of used face masks.

The team has been looking for sustainable materials for making fully biodegradable and medical face masks. However they realized that such a product does not exist. Therefore they decided to invent it! This is how ÖKOSIX® was born.


  • May 2021


  • Aug 2021


  • Mar 2022

    我們的口罩物料於美國材料測試協會標準醫療口罩測試 (ASTM F2100-19)中通過第三級防護級別,當中細菌過濾效率 (BFE) ≥ 99.9%, 顆粒過濾效率 (PFE) ≥ 99.5%, 壓力差ΔP < 5 H2O/㎠

  • Mar 2022

    於2022 年日內瓦國際發明展獲得金獎

  • Apr 2022

    在高固體厭氧消化條件下測定塑料材料厭氧生物降解的標准試驗方法 (ASTM D5511) 顯示我們的口罩物料於90日降解超過90%

  • Jun 2022

    通過 ASTM 5338-15及 ISO 14855認證,我們超過 98% 的口罩物料在 130 天內有氧生物降解。

  • Aug 2022

    通過 ASTM D6400 及 EN 13432認證,我們製造出全球首個可於 6 個月內完全生物降解的可堆肥和醫用口罩材料*。

  • Aug 2022


  • Aug 2022


  • Sep 2022