• Biodegradable

    Plant-based materials

  • Medical Grade

    ASTM F2100 Level 3

  • Patent-pending

    Researched & Made in HK

Introducing Nadex® and Ökomer™

Plastic pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats we face. After years of R&D, we are launching Ökomer™ and Nadex®. 

The whole ÖKOSIX® face mask is made of plant-based fibers and natural materials called Okomer™. Yes, it’s biodegradable! Nadex®, which is the middle nanofilter layer, provides superior filtration efficiency and breathability. 

We’re excited to introduce the future solutions for face masks, protecting you and the Earth.

  • Truly Biodegradable

    Designed to degrade completely*, it will disappear at the end of its life.

    * According to data of ASTM D6400 test

  • Same but different

    Certified to take the same job as a medical face mask, but it won’t pollute.

  • Smart

    Engineered to be shelf-stable in storage, it only degrades when exposed to humidity, temperature and microbes.

  • Mass Producible

    Made for industry-standard production and customisation - enabling your clients to be sustainable in style.

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Nadex® and Ökomer™ are designed to degrade in any environments without generating microplastics.

We are here to solve a million-ton waste problem

Research found that the torrent of plastic waste worldwide has massively exceeded the safe limit for humanity and the planet, and production caps are urgently needed.

Most of the disposable face masks in the market are made of plastics. Since COVID, 1500 billion disposable face masks (or 6 million tons of plastic waste) are thrown into landfill every year globally, of which 1.6 billion end up in the ocean.

Beyond Plastics

Our face mask, in its entirety (i.e. the fabrics, nose piece and ear loops), is truly biodegradable under both anaerobic and aerobic conditions.