How you benefit
Certified biodegradability and protection.
NADEX means NAno DEgrades to nothing (X), allowing for the following benefits:
Nano technology

Patent-pending NADEX technology makes the World’s first fully compostable surgical mask possible.

Medical grade

NADEX technology keeps you safe with the highest surgical mask protection: ASTM Level 3.

Physical barrier

Unlike the traditional melt-blown layer where moisture diminishes filtration efficiency, our NADEX is made of nano fibers that physically block bacteria and viruses, and is thus not affected by moisture from the wearer’s breath.

Super breathable

The NADEX nanofibrous structure lets air pass through easily, so that you can breathe and speak comfortably.

Wear longer

With all the benefits, you can wear our mask much longer than a conventional face mask. This increases your productivity and directly reduces waste.

Fully and truly biodegradable

When you throw away our mask, it will fade away in 6 months or less even in landfill conditions.


NADEX is a revolutionary technology that makes traditionally expensive sustainable products affordable to you and to your customers.

Earth or health? Why not both?

The OKOSIX Biodegradable Medical-grade Face Mask is made FROM NATURE with the goal to return back TO NATURE where it came from. It is for medical professionals, patients, manufacturing and any eco-warriors who want to protect themselves and the planet Earth at the same time.

OKOSIX Face Masks can come in a wide range of styles, types and with customisations, for a huge range of jobs, but every single one comes with our guarantee that the mask is truly and fully biodegradable & compostable. Designed to provide comfort and trusted protection, OKOSIX Face Masks help you achieve your missions every day, no matter what passions drive you.

All components of OKOSIX Face Masks are certified to pass the most stringent biodegradable, compostable and medical standards. Read on to learn more about the OKOSIX Product Life Cycle.