World’s First Plastic-free Fully Biodegradable Medical Face Mask Materials

Did you know that disposable surgical masks are made of plastic? And they take centuries to break down, also polluting our food chain? Researchers also found that plastic-made face masks could cause microplastics inhalation but we are still using them.

The good news is, ÖKOSIX was born to solve these problems.

We developed a disruptive technology to transform plastic-free, plant-based and natural materials to nano fibers for making surgical face masks. We can also upgrade this technology to make biodegradable respirators, air filters and even diapers so as to reduce using plastics. This patent-pending technology was awarded with Gold Medal in the 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva.

Our first product is the world’s first medical face mask which can fully biodegrade and compost within 6 months. It is researched and made in Hong Kong.

The face mask materials are compliant to surgical mask standard ASTM F2100 level 3, biodegradation / composting standards ASTM D6400, EN 13432 and ASTM D5511 meaning that it is safe to both you and the environment. ÖKOSIX face masks can do the same job as any other surgical masks offering superior protection, and with a comparable pricing. But it is also different that >90% of the materials can biodegrade and convert to CO2, water and biomass within 6 months. The biomass then has to show absence of negative effects on plant growth. Furthermore, the carbon footprint of making ÖKOSIX face masks is significantly lower than that of making conventional plastic-made face masks.


Original article: ReThink HK

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