There is no doubt that recycling is important in the fight against plastic pollution – and the “best way” to address the problem of plastics is a complex one that has many people working on it nowadays. After all, plastics are found everywhere around us: from the depths of the sea, to the tops of the mountains. This is not what any of us want.

Roughly 430 Million tons of “new” plastics are currently produced every year. We are simultaneously trying to tackle the backlog of past plastic production, struggling to clean up our past mistakes, while recycling as much as we can of what is newly produced. All of it being done to try to minimize the overall negative impact of modern society’s dependence on plastics and plastic products. 

But what if we could somehow replace these new plastics and avoid them even being produced in the first place?

We want to help in the field of plastic recycling while maintaining a realistic approach to tackling the human problem of plastics rather than just recycling. We aim to solve the recycling problem at its very root: by offering “plastic” solutions that are plant-based and fully, 100% compostable and biodegradable.

Manufacturing and consuming responsibly are of utmost importance to the future of our collective home, Planet Earth. 

ÖKOSIX was founded with a vision to set new standards for planet-friendly disposable products and to foster a sustainable circular economy for our own and future generations. 

We use materials “FROM NATURE”, using proprietary technologies to develop them into different products with desired properties that are also compatible with existing commercially available production lines. After use, they can be disposed of like ordinary waste: no need for complex and costly recycling processes and infrastructure. They will fully biodegrade and return “TO NATURE”, helping to nurture new life and working towards achieving a circular economy.