Leading the Way in
Eco-Friendly Materials

We help to solve the plastic crisis by replacing oil-based plastics with compostable materials in key applications.


We Are a Green-tech Start-up

What we are doing has not successfully been done before.

Together with our sister company Ecotec, we strive to contribute towards solving our planet’s plastic crisis.

ÖKOSIX delivers biodegradable and compostable raw materials for disposable products such as surgical masks, beauty facial masks, medical dressings, orthopaedic braces & supports, diapers, wipes, air filters and more.

If you want to replace your traditional nonwoven plastic materials, contact us: we either have a ready-to-use solution, or can build one for your particular needs.

Our promise is in our name: ÖKO means “Eco”. Products made out of our green raw materials fully degrade in 6 months as opposed to a few hundreds of years for numerous applications of plastics currently polluting our environment: masks, diapers, and too many more to list here.

Our vision is to help achieve a circular economy and make the world greener for future generations.

Proven Social Innovators, to date we have received grants from ITC HK as well as multiple awards such as Gold Award from Inventions Geneva for our patent-pending technology of making fully and truly biodegradable materials.

Ecotec designs carbon negative bioplastics for durable products as well as improving the value and performance of plastics collected for recycling. Our R&D team has a strong expertise in building new durable bioplastics at competitive prices.


How we started

Starting in Feb 2020, there was a serious shortage of face masks in Hong Kong during the COVID-19 outbreak. This pushed ÖKOSIX’s founder Eddie Yu to start a company to manufacture masks in Hong Kong.

The business went well and was sold at its peak, with a surprising person to thank for: a hidden cofounder of sorts: Eddie’s own niece, Zoe.

It all started when Zoe was just a wee five-year-old girl, and Eddie decided to teach her about waste recycling. Eddie showed her how to place paper, plastics and other wastes into designated bins. Zoe replied with an innocent question: "Uncle Eddie, where do we put your face masks?"

While Eddie was about to dive into a lecture about why face masks cannot be recycled, Zoe dropped him a truth bomb: "You make so many every day. You are not eco-friendly at all!" Ouch! Her words stung like a slap in his face, but also got him thinking. Our team actually has over a decade of experience in materials research, including biodegradable materials. Why can’t we invent biodegradable face masks?

And so our journey began. Sometimes the greatest inspiration can come from the tiniest and most innocent of voices.



First Angel Investor
We received fundings from our first Angel Investor.
HK ITC Funding
We received a grant from the Innovation and Technology Commission HKSAR in supporting our R&D.
Surgical Mask ASTM F2100 Level 3
We attained Medical Face Mask Level 3 certification with BFE ≥ 99.9%, PFE ≥ 99.5%, ΔP < 5 H2O/㎠
International Gold Award
We won a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022.
Biodegradation ASTM D5511
This Standard Test Report shows that more than 90% of our face masks materials biodegraded anaerobically within 90 days.
Biodegradation ASTM 5338-15 and ISO 14855
Both of these 2 standards are passed that more than 98% of our face mask materials biodegraded aerobically within 130 days.
Composting ASTM D6400 & EN 13432
We make the world’s FIRSTplastic-free and medical face mask materials fully biodegraded / composted in 6 months*
Second Award
We won the 26th Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Programme.
Hong Kong Science Park / HKSTP
We were approved to HKSTP Incubation Programme.
Third Award
We won the first runner up at the CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition 2022