• May 2021

    First Angel Investor

    We received fundings from our first Angel Investor.

  • Aug 2021

    HK ITC Funding

    We received a grant from the Innovation and Technology Commission HKSAR in supporting our R&D.

  • Mar 2022

    Surgical Mask ASTM F2100 Level 3

    We attained Medical Face Mask Level 3 certification with BFE ≥ 99.9%, PFE ≥ 99.5%, ΔP < 5 H2O/㎠

  • Mar 2022

    International Gold Award

    We won a Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022.

  • Apr 2022

    Biodegradation ASTM D5511

    This Standard Test Report shows that more than 90% of our face masks materials biodegraded anaerobically within 90 days.

  • Jun 2022

    Biodegradation ASTM 5338-15 and ISO 14855

    Both of these 2 standards are passed that more than 98% of our face mask materials biodegraded aerobically within 130 days.

  • Aug 2022

    Composting ASTM D6400 & EN 13432

    We make the world’s FIRSTplastic-free and medical face mask materials fully biodegraded / composted in 6 months*

  • Aug 2022

    Second Award

    We won the 26th Innovative Entrepreneur Awards Programme.

  • Aug 2022

    Hong Kong Science Park / HKSTP

    We were approved to HKSTP Incubation Programme.

  • Sep 2022

    Third Award

    We won the first runner up at the CUHK Entrepreneurship Competition 2022